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Sony CRE-E10 Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids

The Sony CRE-E10 OTC hearing aids, an easy-to-use solution1 with daily comfort and prescription-grade sound quality in a familiar earbud design. With a rechargeable battery for all-day use and customizable features that adapt to your environment, the CRE-E10 provides everyday hearing that’s intuitive to you.

  • A FAMILIAR EARBUD DESIGN FOR DAILY COMFORT: Designed in a familiar earbud style, these OTC hearing aids provide all-day comfort with four sleeve sizes to find your ideal fit.

  • CUSTOMIZED HEARING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Easily set up and customize your CREE10 OTC hearing aids with the Sony | Hearing control app. With bass/treble and volume control right at your fingertips, sound quality is tailored to your preferences.

  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY FOR ALL-DAY USE: Uses a rechargeable battery with up to 26 hours of continuous use so you can hear with confidence all day, every day. A Qi-compatible wireless charging case makes recharging quick and easy, with up to 2.5 hours of function per 15 charging minutes.

  • BLUETOOTH COMPATIBLE (FOR IOS ONLY): Stream your favorite music and audio through your OTC hearing aids with Bluetooth compatibility for iOS devices.

  • PRESCRIPTION-GRADE SOUND QUALITY: Developed with Sony’s innovative technology to produce prescription-grade sound quality comparable to traditional hearing aids.

  • MADE FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND: FDA-cleared medical device developed in partnership with WS A
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  • Binaural

  • Color Black

  • Supported Apps: Sony I Hearing Control App

  • Features: Rechargeable, Made for iPhone, Extended dynamic range, Feedback cancellation, Automatic Directionality, SoundSmoothing, App controlled Speaker Focus, User self-fitting support, Speech and Noise Management, Extended Bandwidth, Wind Noise Reduction

AUTOMATCIALLY ADJUST TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS: Your OTC hearing aids automatically analyze, adjust, and optimize sound based on your surroundings to improve your listening experience in every environment—whether you’re out on a hiking trail or in a busy restaurant with loved ones.

SURROUND SPEECH CLARITY: With Ear-to-Ear Wireless Link, your OTC hearing aids work together to produce effective, high-quality noise reduction and directionality that cuts through the noise to hear clearly from all directions.

AN FSA/HAS ELGIBLE PRODUCT: Customers can purchase the CRE-E10 with an FSA or HSA account, depending on eligibility. (Subject to member eligibility. Customers should check with their insurance company to verify coverage and eligibility.)


Friday, 19 January 2024
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